Consciousness empowers sustainability. We are a group of mentors committed to establishing a humanitarian movement spreading self-awareness exploring science and the source. We work with corporates, Community and individuals, liberating consciousness that transforms in co-creating their own reality.

Liberating Consciousness
  • The Source co-create a thought in mind.
  • Senses perceive and we experience, we retain the experience which is called Memory.
  • Intelligence analyses the memory and provides judgment for survival.
  • The Ego contextualizes Judgment and creates identities.
  • Memory, Intellect, and Ego play an important role in liberating consciousness


Every living cell carries memory. Memory passes on from generations either in the form of shape, size, and colour during evolution or gets collected from sensory organs.


Pure intellect originates from silence, liberates wisdom, brings forth intuition, and rises beyond conflicts. When intellect caught up in emotions, the same intellect cultivates inhibitions, approvals, and disapprovals' likes and dislikes.


Ego magnifies identity, performs a task out of joy, compassion, or out of ego. Excessive identification causes discomfort, fear, and anxiety, which ultimately restricts love.

The universe is a collection of Energy sources with a variety of signature Frequency & Vibration Patterns.

Mainstream and associated science has substantial evidence that the human energy system could be empowered by expanded consciousness.


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