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Conscious Youth Challenge: The Top 10

Thank you for participating in this campaign and sharing your views for society to learn and empower Individuals to the best of their ability during this challenging time.

COVID is still part of our daily life. We are learning new skills to deal with upcoming challenges, including the anticipated vaccination program. We have a lot to share on this subject in 2021 and beyond.

Our Campaign Committee has decided to take this story forward and collect more experience from individuals in 2021.

We will be hosting a Final event for 2020 on 30 December, followed by a Grand finale on the  9th of August 2021 on Independence day of Singapore.

On the eve of 30th December 2020, we will invite the top 10 Campaign contestants out of all existing submissions to share their write-ups with the Judges. Students could join the event with one of their parents and prepare to share two minutes of their story with the community. We will also exhibit selected visual art and theatrical performance to appreciate and contribute to the campaign. 

To end the year 2020 on a positive note, the best 3 contestants will be given a cash prize like a piece of appreciation and awarded a gift. All top 10 contestants will receive gifts and appreciation for their ideas.

All campaign participants, including the best ten, will be given direct entry to our 2021 campaign for the Grand Finale.

Date & Time: 30th December 2020 | 6pm – 8 pm Singapore Standard Time

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We’re calling all youth to showcase their ideas and stand a chance to win great cash prizes and improve the lives of differently abled kids around Singapore.

Winners of the Conscious Youth Challenge stand a chance to win from a prize pool of 1800 SGD, showcase their on media channels and impact the lives of differently abled kids in Singapore.

We want to hear your opinions on the following topic in the from of a 100 word written essay or a 60 second selfie video :

‘How to empower an individual to understand and participate in building an inclusive society during this epidemic, COVID 2019?’


Cash prize pool of a 1800 SGD up for grabs for 3 winners. Prizes of 1000, 500 and 300 SGD for the first, second an third winners respectively.


Opportunity to lead the change to build a more inclusive society. Your ideas will help differently abled kids around Singapore to be more integrated into society. All funds raised through the campaign will go to the MediaCopr Enable Fund.


Your thoughts and ideas will be shared through the media outlets and implemented through various communities.

Campaign Countdown


This program invites youths, aged 15 to 18 years, across Singapore to write an essay (capped at 1,000 words or 1 Minute Video) on the following topic:

‘How to empower an individual to understand and participate in building an inclusive society during this epidemic, COVID 2019?’

We want you to focus on the following areas when writing your article: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Harmony and Care. The information for this can be gathered from your own ideas and experience, from peers and family or learning from schools/communities.

The best 10 participants will be selected by social media voting and given an opportunity to present their thoughts and ideas through a workshop.

The top 3 participants will be selected and awarded prizes worth SGD 1000, SGD 500, and SGD 300 respectively.

Also, these participants will be given the opportunity to showcase their ideas on various media platforms, to be shared with the community that is responsible for developing an inclusive society.



Partner Communities


Our Campaign mission is to bring together Singapore’s Youth to share their ideas on how we can build a more inclusive society. We believe our youth have an abundance of creative and innovative ideas that could help shape the future of our communities. Therefore we want to provide our Youth a platform for their voices through The Conscious Youth Challenge COVID-19.

All the donations will be made to the MediaCorp Enable Fund. This is a fund that seeks to raise awareness around inclusivity for disabled people in Singapore. They recognize that people with disabilities have other abilities and skills, which may have not yet been nurtured. The fund helps promote inclusivity and uplifts the lives of people with disabilities. The Conscious Youth Challenge looks to raise funds towards this wonderful cause.


Step 1: Visit campaign page and make a $10 donation to the MediaCorp Enable Fund. The first 100 participants get a FREE entry and do not have to make a donation. Use the code : #CYT2020 in the form in step 4. If you are seeing this message you are eligible. Skip to step 2.

Step 2: Write a 1000 word essay or make a 1 minute video on the given topic.

Step 3: Join our Facebook Group and post your essay or video on the group with the hashtag #consciousyouthchallenge.

FB Group:

Step 4: Register using the following Google Form. The form is also found in the about us section of the FB group.

And we’re done! Winners will be chosen through the most amount of likes on their group post. So share your group post on your social media and with friends and family!

Please Note: Winners You cannot boost/advertise your posts on any social media to generate more likes on your post (Using paid sponsorship on any social media platform). All participant’s posts will be monitored to verify traffic sources and if any advertising is detected, that participant will be disqualified.