A paradigm shift in understanding Human wellbeing has derived from challenging situations.

Early facts of Biology were based on Newtonian Physics; Physical Matter dominates over Invisible forces. Einstein’s Quantum Physics taught the concept of Energy in every Field of Human Life.

Gene Controls our Biology was not understood in detail. Behavior, thoughts, and habits modify and regulate protein, which has a significant impact on our DNA, called Epigenetics.

Survival of the fittest, animal grows faster than the plant, Life is a struggle and Competition have limited dimension. It is fairly understood now that Cooperation, not Competition which drives evolution.

In Human history, mass extinction happened due to natural calamities, Conflicts or the Lethal Virus attack (Spanish Flu, Corona, etc). We have discovered many weapons including improving R&D in medical Science. Those have limited Impact. We have to Uplift Human Consciousness (Being Inward), take Collective Responsibility (Respect and Preserve Nature) and Co-create alchemy of Relationship through Love, Gratitude, Compassion, and Forgiveness.