Global Board of Volunteer Mentorship Program

The Conscious Living Foundation is growing rapidly and committed to embark on many exciting projects including continuing to spread awareness to expand consciousness.

We invite individuals to join the Global Board of Mentorship Programs (GBMP), to share their life-changing experience and thought leadership across multiple subjects around consciousness. This is a journey of empowering humanity by sharing and caring. We will learn from each other and contribute to society for the benefit of liberating collective consciousness.

How to take part in the Volunteer Mentorship Program
  • Complete the form on the following link
  • Attending and/or sharing sessions with the program curator
  • Able to prepare and deliver thought leadership to the community

Skill Based

Mentors have several opportunities to offer within the field of expertise and specific interest. We are looking for willing and qualified individuals to help the community.

Program Based

Special programs are designed to offer compressive mentorship for specific communities. Mentors are able to hold first hand experiences creating events such as for business leadership, school/university students and other special groups.

Activities Include:

  • Practical life based Experienced to Motivate
  • Prepare materials related to conscious programs
  • Translate or speak Different Language including English
  • Ability to speak or present varied subject on consciousness
  • Conducting mentorship programs and workshops
  • Video Editing – creating new videos for social media and blogs
  • Graphic Designing, Proofreading/Editing
  • Spreading Messages and building awareness through social media
  • Dubbing Volunteers – English other International and Local language