Traveling across different time zones and experience of jet-lag is common practice for corporates.

Is our wellbeing is affected when there is a temporary misalignment between our internal biological body clock and the external environment???

The 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine recognizes the discovery of controlling “Circadian Rhythm” by a team of three (Jeffery, Michael, and Young). Most living organism including human anticipates and adapt to daily changes in the environment. This regular adoption referred to as “circadian” rhythm, a Latin origin “circa” meaning around and “dies” meaning day. A large proportion of our genes are regulated by our biological clock.

Conscious calibration of circadian rhythm is very important which regulates body temperature, behaviour, blood pressure, hormone release, and sleeping pattern.

Body postures, movement, mineral intake, and Creative thoughts could help to balance our internal energy system and consequently deal with Circadian Rhythm.