Which category do you belong to?? Or a Mix?

Often we reject otherโ€™s viewpoints without even mindful about the Individual personality, his/her strength, and weakness.

Visionary๐Ÿ‘“ has an uncanny intuition to perceive the future but little interest in detailing. Structure and process are boring.

Preservers๐Ÿ‘€ are loyal to rule book and take time to complete the task. They are skeptical about embracing new ideas without preparation.

Doers โœจare goal-oriented with great project management skills. Highly valued by teammates, logical but least empathetic.

Amalgamators๐Ÿ™Œ are the peacemakers; continue moving on by keeping everyone fairly happy. They have limited skills in taking bold decisions for the organization.

Biological Psychiatry explains that mind-reading could be improved with a dose of Oxytocin hormones. Empathy produces Oxytocin and is the key to understand personality and create coherence in building a team. A combination of Personality could lead to building a successful organization but most importantly to achieve this, we need to develop the collective conscious practice to exhibit a high degree of empathy at all times.